2020 Chicago Area Council current roles and brief bios

(Council Notes: 2019, 20182017)

Council Role Name Email Phone
Area Steward Adam Perry adam.perry2@gmail.com 773-882-2147
Area Administrator Sam Farler samfarler@mkp.org 630-677-1860

Sam Farler took the NWTA training in January 2019 at Camp Lakota, the so-called Polar Vortex weekend.  He has been a member of the St. Charles iGroup since November 2018.  Sam is married with a German woman and is the father of a 27-year-old daughter.  Sam is a retired IT project manager and now focuses on writing, currently working on a memoir of growing up with a mother with borderline personality disorder.  Sam lived for 18 years in Germany and earned a German MBA-equivalent from the Universität zu Duisburg. He also has a B.A. in Classical Studies from Duke University. Since college he has also worked as a busboy, waiter, cabinetmaker, translator, programmer, and business analyst.

His mission:  To create togetherness by being present.

Area Financial Coordinator Rich Eide bdingo96@gmail.com 847-826-6973
Enrollment Coordinator David Jansen davidjansen@mkp.org 630-890-9798
I-Group Coordinator Alec Hopmayer trustingg@hopmayer.com 312-636-8811
Alec Hopmayer completed his NWTA weekend in March 1998 in Conifer Colorado.  He has been part of the Chicago community since 2003.  He is the IGroup Chair for the Chicago Community.  He is a certified Full-Facilitator of IGroups and PIT Facilitation.  He has led 7 PITS and been part of many PIT facilitation teams.  He has staffed 40 NWTA’s and MOS 10 times.  He was an MKP Chicago Board Member from 2010 – 2013 and has been an MKP Chicago Council member since January 2020.  He has been married to his partner Julie since 2012.  He is a stay at home dad to two amazing children.  His mission is “ To Create a peaceful world be being in integrity and speaking from my heart”
Communications Coordinator Aaron Gang aarongang@mkp.org 312-805-5310
Aaron Gang did his weekend in October 2016 at Camp Lakota. He has 4 staffings, and prefers to tent camp when staffing. He is a proud father of a 7yo daughter, Zoe. He is divorced, and gets to spend half his time with Zoe. Aaron is a music, theater and film fan. Aaron has a bachelor’s degree in theatre and English from Truman State, and a master’s degree in English from the University of Illinois-Chicago.
Web Coordinator Corey Harris coreybharris@gmail.com 773-710-8757

Corey Harris did his weekend in January 2016 in Kenosha, WI.  Within MKP, he has staffed 10 NWTAs, facilitates personal growth work, and is a Leader In Training (LIT).  On the home front, he spends quality time with his partner and their two cats and one dog.  Corey’s career is as an electrical distribution salesperson for WESCO.  In his spare time, he enjoys practicing improv, watching soccer, and building legos / playing dolls with his nieces and nephews.

“I bless myself to continue taking the risk to vulnerably connect with men and women, and to ask for help when life’s struggles seem too great.  I bless all men to find their authentic power through vulnerably connecting with themselves and others.”

Fundraising Coordinator David Dorn dsdorn3@gmail.com 773-677-5368
CMC Building Manager Francis Saucedo francis.saucedo.warrior@gmail.com 312-933-9540
Transition Team Member Stephen Hovanec shovanec@me.com 773-580-5969
Transition Team Member David Moravec damoravec@me.com 708-205-2464


2020 Chicago Societies of Service current roles and brief bios

Society Role Name Email Phone
Elder Representative Rob Johnson rmjmkp@usa.com 630-561-2097
GBTQQ Warrior Representative John Carlsen jtcarlsen@gmail.com 773-975-4297
John Carlsen did his NWTA in October 2013 at Camp Caanan.  He is the GBTQQ representative on the Community Council and has staffed 5 weekends.  For nearly 25 years, John has provided therapy to adults as a licensed clinical psychologist and worked as an independent career and writing coach.  As a speaker, workshop leader, and writer, he specializes in the areas of men’s psychology, career development, and personal/spiritual growth.  He earned his Psy.D. at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a B.A. in English-Writing at Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.  John’s mission is:  “I create a world of welcome and inclusion by showing up as an out, elder, gay man who models leadership and collaboration in the larger community of men.”  He is his most authentic self at the center of a very crowded dance floor.
Leader Body Representative Jason Montgomery unkleblack@gmail.com 708-699-1600
Lodge Keeper Society Representive Vlaiko Manojlovski vlaikoman@gmail.com 224.804.7005
Men Of Service Representative Dan Goldberg mkpdan@gmail.com 847-732-3038

I was initiated in September, 2009 at Camp Tuckabatchee and have staffed 16 weekends and led 18 MOS teams. 

I managed our Chicago community database and am involved with our marketing efforts, through email and direct mail. I organized our first ever call-a-thon in 2010, which was a great success and planned a successful Social worker workshop with Robert Moore as the guest speaker.

I have been in the direct mail and product fulfillment business since 1991 and am currently an independent contractor in the same field. 

I live in Northbrook with my wife Lauren Marks and have two children, a warrior son Jay who has two sons of his own and my daughter Alison who is 34.  I also have three step-children, Jennifer 33, Josh 30 and Allison 27.

Mission: I create a nurturing world by mentoring those around me through listening, learning and discussing possibilities.