Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors:

Jeffrey Cornell – Treasurer

Jeffrey was initiated in 2002 and has since staffed 12 NWTA weekends, and BSDT.  MKP Chicago: Empowering Men to lives of Integrity, Accountability, Compassion, and Service in the World.  We are an increasingly diverse group of men dedicated to improving our lives and empowering others to improve their own.  His role to the non for profit includes monthly income statement, cash flow analysis, annual budget, pro-forma forecasting, and bank oversight of scholarship fund.

Jeffrey has been helping clients reach their personally unique financial goals for more than 18 years as a financial planner. Employed at Raymond James and Associates in Chicago, he builds knowledgeable, trusting and lasting relationships with clients, fusing a passion for financial wealth management and the patience needed to properly assess the market as he manages clients’ wealth in a manner that complements their risk tolerance and personal priorities.

Jeffrey is a board member at large and Chairman of the house committee at Itasca Country Club, where he is also a club member. He is a former member of the Glen Ellyn volunteer Fire Department and active in his local boosters for Glenbard West High School.