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Imagine men showing up for their families, and each other, with emotional maturity, accountability, compassion, and integrity. Imagine thousands of husbands, brothers, and sons doing the work to be available as solid partners and role models for men and boys, fostering safety and connection in our communities. What difference could that make to the headlines we see every day in our local communities?

The ManKind Project (MKP) is supporting men to ‘wake up, grow up, and show up!’ right now, every week, in communities around the world. The ripples from the work these men are doing in men’s groups and trainings – nearly 50,000 men over the last 30 years – has impacted hundreds of thousands and has profoundly helped families and communities. In 2012, two Members of the ManKind Project received Presidential ‘Champions of Change’ awards for their work with veterans and children.


Patti Henry, M.Ed, LPC, author of “The Emotionally Unavailable Man; A Blueprint for Healing,” who will be on hand for the taping, says of the ManKind Project – “I send men to this program because the response I have received from my clients who have gone through it has been overwhelmingly positive. They become better partners, better parents, better men. I think we have done a great job of empowering women in America, but that is not enough. We MUST heal men to heal the world.”

The ManKind Project knows men. The organization supports men from all walks of life, at all levels of success, and all backgrounds to be more the men they’ve dreamed of becoming. Men’s groups and training programs help men change negative patterns, discover a powerful sense of purpose in their lives, and give them tools to meet their goals. MKP provides a conscious men’s community, a place where a man can get powerful mentoring – and mentor others – through all the passages and transitions of his life.

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, there is a national conversation happening about the impacts of outdated ideas of masculinity on our young men, the absence of positive male role models, and the lack of resources for men who feel powerless to affect real change. Jessie Mayer, a massage therapist in Newtown who has been volunteering with trauma recovery efforts, talked about working with a man who described the ‘hollow-eyed men’ he witnesses suffering in silence, men without community, and with limited tools to process the emotional pain of the tragedy. The hollow-eyed men are not just in Newtown, they are everywhere.  The ManKind Project is a place of hope and healing for men and a practice ground for healthy masculinity and men’s community for the 21st century.

We look forward to increasing recognition as our communities respond to recent events by creating a positive and pro-active approach to helping build engaged and emotionally available male role models. Mike Elser, Chairman of the ManKind Project USA said, “We know men. We’re here and we’re helping. And it’s time for more men and women to know who we are.”

The ManKind Project is a global nonprofit organization [501 (c)(3)] that conducts challenging and highly rewarding trainings for men at every stage of life, and hosts ongoing peer support groups. Our flagship training, described by many as the most powerful men’s training available, is the New Warrior Training Adventure [NWTA]. The ManKind Project [MKP] is not affiliated with any religious practice or political party. We strive to be increasingly inclusive and culturally aware.

The ManKind Project has 34 local communities in the United States, supporting approximately 800 men’s peer facilitated support groups. There are men’s groups and training programs available weekly throughout the year. Local representatives would be happy to speak to your organization, and there are men available for interviews across the country (and around the world).


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